Expert’s Profiles

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M21 - Business Economics, Financial Economics, Risk Management, Banking, Microfinance
Tahat, Yasean (Kuwait)
M41 - Accounting, Audit and Control
Audit and Control, G34 - Mergers; Acquisitions; Restructuring; Corporate Governance, M41 - Accounting
General Corporate Governance , Corporate Finance
Banking, Corporate Finance, M41 - Accounting, Risk Management, Financial Reporting
Corporate Governance, O16 - Financial Markets; Saving and Capital Investment
Corporate Governance, Corporate Board Issues, Initial Public Offering (IPO) , Financial Reporting, Business Ethics
Tareq, Mohammad (Bangladesh)
Corporate Governance, Financial Economics, Financial Reporting
Corporate Finance, Corporate Board Issues, Corporate Governance
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behaviour Finance
Tayem, Ghada (Jordan)
G32 - Financing Policy; Capital and Ownership Structure, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)
Corporate Governance, Financial Management, M41 - Accounting, Risk Management
Taylor, Peter (United Kingdom)
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, M41 - Accounting
Corporate Finance, Portfolio management
Teen, Mak Yuen (Singapore)
Financial Reporting, M41 - Accounting, Audit and Control, General Corporate Governance , Earnings Management
Teh, Boon Heng (Malaysia)
M31 - Marketing, Human Resource Management, Family Business
Teixeira, Nuno (Portugal)
Corporate Finance, M13 - Entrepreneurship
General Corporate Governance , D81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty, J38 - Public Policy
Financial Reporting, M41 - Accounting