Expert’s Profiles

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Rabie, Claudette (South Africa)
M21 - Business Economics, M13 - Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behavior, SME’s
Rademaker, Scott (New Zealand)
Corporate Finance, J33 - Compensation Packages; Payment Methods
Corporate Board Issues, Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, M41 - Accounting, Financial Reporting
Rajasa, Aiaz (Indonesia)
M41 - Accounting, Audit and Control
Corporate Governance, Risk Management
Rampersad, Renitha (South Africa)
General Corporate Governance , Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Governance, Investment flows
Rao, Ullas (United Kingdom)
Corporate Governance, B23 - Econometrics; Quantitative Studies
Raoli, Elisa (Italy)
Family Business, Earnings Management, M41 - Accounting, Business Ethics
General Corporate Governance , Corporate Governance Regulation
Rashid, Afzalur (Australia)
General Corporate Governance , Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Reporting, Earnings Management
Rashid, Kashif (Australia)
General Corporate Governance , Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Reddy, Karunanidhi (South Africa)
Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility
Reis, Ebru (Turkey)
P34 - Finance, Executive Remuneration
Ren, Monica (Australia)
M31 - Marketing, Business Administration
General Corporate Governance , D81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty
Business Administration, M21 - Business Economics, M41 - Accounting, D23 - Organizational Behavior; Transaction Costs; Property Rights, Strategic Management, Financial Management
Business Administration, Financial Economics, Corporate Governance