Corporate Governance

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Business Ethics, Corporate Governance
Guiral, Andres (South Korea)
Audit and Control, M41 - Accounting, Corporate Governance
M41 - Accounting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance
Goodijk, Rienk (Netherlands)
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Management
Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance
Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Business Administration
Garro Paulin, Alma (United Kingdom)
Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance
P17 - Performance and Prospects, P34 - Finance, Corporate Governance
Gallery, Gerry (Australia)
Financial Reporting, G23 - Pension Funds; Other Private Financial Institutions, M41 - Accounting, P47 - Performance and Prospects, Capital Markets, Corporate Social Disclosure, Corporate Governance
Corporate Board Issues, Corporate Governance Regulation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance
Gaitan, Sandra (Colombia)
Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Corporate Governance
M41 - Accounting, Corporate Governance, Financial Management
Corporate Finance, Portfolio management, Corporate Governance, Financial Management