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P34 - Finance, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Financial Management
G31 - Capital Budgeting; Investment Policy, Corporate Governance, Financial Economics
B23 - Econometrics; Quantitative Studies, M21 - Business Economics
B23 - Econometrics; Quantitative Studies, Risk Management, Financial Economics
Corporate Governance, Financial Management
Earnings Management, Financial Management
P34 - Finance, Risk Management
M41 - Accounting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance
O32 - Management of Technological Innovation and R&D, Strategic Management
M21 - Business Economics, M31 - Marketing, Strategic Management
P34 - Finance, Performance management, Behaviour Finance
Strategic Management, Business Administration
M51 - Firm Employment Decisions - Promotions (hiring, firing, turnover, part-time, seniority issues), Corporate Social Responsibility
A14 - Sociology of Economics, D23 - Organizational Behavior; Transaction Costs; Property Rights
Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Financial Management
L86 - Information Services; Computer Software, M13 - Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance
Financial Reporting, G24 - Investment Banking; Venture Capital; Brokerage, P34 - Finance, R53 - Public Facility Location Analysis; Public Investment and Capital Stock, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Business Administration, Financial Economics
Executive Remuneration, Corporate Governance
P34 - Finance, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance
Corporate Finance, Behaviour Finance