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General Corporate Governance , Corporate Finance
Corporate Board Issues, Corporate Governance
M41 - Accounting, Financial Regulation
Abed, Suzan (Jordan)
M41 - Accounting, Corporate Governance, Financial Management, Financial Economics
M13 - Entrepreneurship, M31 - Marketing, O31 - Innovation and Invention: Processes and Incentives, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Banking
Corporate Board Issues, Corporate Governance
Earnings Management, E22 - Capital; Investment (including Inventories); Capacity, G32 - Financing Policy; Capital and Ownership Structure, M13 - Entrepreneurship, P34 - Finance, Corporate Finance, Strategic Management, Microfinance, Financial Management
Corporate Governance Regulation, Financial Reporting, M41 - Accounting, Corporate Governance
Achmad, Tarmizi (Indonesia)
Corporate Governance Regulation, M21 - Business Economics
P34 - Finance, Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Banking, Corporate Governance
Ackermann, Christo (South Africa)
General Corporate Governance , M41 - Accounting
C44 - Statistical Decision Theory; Operations Research
Corporate Board Issues, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance
General Corporate Governance , Corporate Social Responsibility, M31 - Marketing
B21 - Microeconomics, M13 - Entrepreneurship, P34 - Finance, Microfinance
Agyemang, Jacob (United Kingdom)
M41 - Accounting, Corporate Governance
Ahmad, Gatot Nazir (Indonesia)
General Corporate Governance , F21 - International Investment; Long-Term Capital Movements, G24 - Investment Banking; Venture Capital; Brokerage, P34 - Finance
M13 - Entrepreneurship, M31 - Marketing