International conference in Nuremberg

International Conference “Corporate Governance: a search for advanced standards in the wake of crisis” in Nuremberg (Germany)

Date: 25 September, 2014

Conference Organizers:

• University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
• Publishing house “Virtus Interpress”
• Financial Reporting, International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance

Conference Concept:

Global financial market became an outrageous battlefield between various companies. Under pressure of the competition, in their seek for higher efficiency, market control and competitive strengths yesterday’s inveterate enemies merge, weaker ones become victims of hostile takeovers. Those who are independent enough - permanently enhance their governance and risk management systems. Regulators on their side wish to increase market stability and efficiency through new reforms and stricter rules of the “game”. In such conditions it is vital for the companies, rulemakers and other engaged players to choose right strategy on the way to their aims. How corporate governance can influence performance and efficiency of the companies. What issue regulators should address to impact financial market activity more effectively? What are the main enemies of financial performance and efficiency? The conference is going to gather experts in the field of economics and finance to discuss these and other important issues of financial markets operation. It will provide the platform for academics and practitioners to analyze current challenges for the financial market and outline possible scenarios of its development.

Key Topics:

• Corporate governance – financial performance link
• M&As and efficiency
• Shareholders’ value maximization
• Influence of executive remuneration on performance
• Role of control in efficiency management
• Insider trading issues
• Transparency, accountability and misreporting
• Consulting and Audit
• Risk management and corporate governance
• Financial markets regulation
• etc

Important deadlines:

Submission of the paper: by July 1
Acceptance of papers: by July 21


For more information please visit conference web page.