International conference in Milan on corporate governance

We invite participants of our network to take part in the International conference: "Corporate Governance: a Search for Advanced Standards in the Wake of Crisis" that will take place on May 8, 2014 in Milan, Italy.

An economic crisis has shown lack of attention to crucial issues in governance business entities. Recommendations for corporate governance enforcement have been proposed by business community, society and regulators. However, risks, performance, reporting and corporate control issues are still under the discussion. With respect to this role of legal environment in establishing appropriate solutions for corporate governance effectiveness is relevant. It is clear that corporate governance enforcement and other legal issues is an increasingly important area of focus and substantial discussion should be arranged. Understanding that real business conditions can differ from theoretical models proposed by science, that’s why it’s important to form a platform for practitioners and theorists to outline main challenges and prospective solutions for improving corporate governance world.

The broad key topics of this international conference include:

  • Corporate governance enforcement
  • Corporate law
  • Corporate governance regulation and reforms
  • Financial system after the crises and regulatory changes
  • Accounting disclosure, earning management, and corporate transparency issues
  • Board practices
  • Audit practices
  • Risk management
  • Executives compensation
  • Corporate control

For more details please visit conference web page.