United Arab Emirates

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Sujit, K.S. (United Arab Emirates)
B22 - Macroeconomics, L16 - Industrial Organization and Macroeconomics; Macroeconomic Industrial Structure
Spraggon, Martin (United Arab Emirates)
General Corporate Governance , Business Ethics, Family Business
Shahwan, Yousef (United Arab Emirates)
M41 - Accounting, Financial Reporting
Seetharaman, Arumugam (United Arab Emirates)
M41 - Accounting, H25 - Business Taxes, M21 - Business Economics, G15 - International Financial Markets
Peter Oyelere (United Arab Emirates)
Corporate Governance, M41 - Accounting, Financial Reporting
Nobanee, Haitham (United Arab Emirates)
G15 - International Financial Markets, Working Capital Management
Niranjan, Indu (United Arab Emirates)
M41 - Accounting, Corporate Finance
Liu, Chunhui (United Arab Emirates)
M41 - Accounting, Financial Reporting
Khandelwal, Sunil Kumar (United Arab Emirates)
Corporate Governance, P34 - Finance, Audit and Control
Kalyebara, Baliira (United Arab Emirates)
Corporate Finance, International Finance, Audit and Control, M41 - Accounting, Risk Management, E53 - Deposit Insurance, G22 - Insurance; Insurance Companies
Hassan Al-Tamimi, Hussein A. (United Arab Emirates)
Business Administration, Risk Management, G22 - Insurance; Insurance Companies, Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, Banking
Gurrib, Ikhlaas (United Arab Emirates)
E44 - Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy
Genc, Ismail (United Arab Emirates)
B22 - Macroeconomics, E42 - Monetary Standards and Regimes; Government and the Monetary System
El-Bannany, Magdi (United Arab Emirates)
Audit and Control, D81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty
Darayseh, Musa (United Arab Emirates)
M41 - Accounting, Bankruptcy, Liquidation
Braendle, Udo (United Arab Emirates)
General Corporate Governance , Corporate Law
Bodolica, Virginia (United Arab Emirates)
Family Business, M52 - Compensation and Compensation Methods and Their Effects (stock options, fringe benefits, incentives, seniority issues), Corporate Board Issues, Business Ethics, General Corporate Governance
Bhatti, Tariq (United Arab Emirates)
M31 - Marketing, Earnings Management
Alsharari, Nizar M. (United Arab Emirates)
General Corporate Governance , M41 - Accounting, Public sector, Strategic Management
Aljifri, Khaled (United Arab Emirates)
General Corporate Governance , Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance