South Africa

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Oni, Olabanji (South Africa)
Strategic Management, Financial Management
B22 - Macroeconomics, B23 - Econometrics; Quantitative Studies, Financial Development, O1 - Economic Development
Oberholzer, Merwe (South Africa)
B21 - Microeconomics, B23 - Econometrics; Quantitative Studies, L16 - Industrial Organization and Macroeconomics; Macroeconomic Industrial Structure
Nyasha, Sheilla (South Africa)
Banking regulation, Banking, Financial Management, Financial Economics
Nwafor, Anthony O. (South Africa)
Corporate Board Issues, Corporate Governance
Ngwenya, Sam (South Africa)
M41 - Accounting, Business Administration, Financial Economics
Ngwakwe, Collins C. (South Africa)
M41 - Accounting, Corporate Sustainability, Tax Accounting, Corporate Governance
Neuland, Ernst (South Africa)
Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance
Mynhardt, Ronald (South Africa)
General Corporate Governance , D81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty, P34 - Finance
Mutize, Misheck (South Africa)
A11 - Role of Economics; Role of Economists, E44 - Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy, R15 - Econometric and Input-Output Models; Other Models
Mutezo, Ashley (South Africa)
Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, SME’s, Corporate Governance
Mutambara, Emmanuel (South Africa)
Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance
Mugova, Shame (South Africa)
General Corporate Governance , E44 - Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy, Corporate Social Responsibility
M13 - Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management
M21 - Business Economics, Risk Management, Financial Management, Financial Economics
Mostert, J. H. (South Africa)
G22 - Insurance; Insurance Companies, Financial Management
Mostert, F. J. (South Africa)
E22 - Capital; Investment (including Inventories); Capacity, Financial Management
Moaisi, Lesolobe (South Africa)
I18 - Government Policy; Regulation; Public Health, Business Administration, Financial Economics
Meyer, Adri (South Africa)
M31 - Marketing, Strategic Management, Social Marketing, Financial Management
Maxwell Phiri (South Africa)
Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance