M31 - Marketing

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L15 - Information and Product Quality, M11 - Production Management, M14 - Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility, M31 - Marketing
Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Management, M31 - Marketing
Wickham, Mark (Australia)
M31 - Marketing, P31 - Socialist Enterprises and Their Transitions
Teh, Boon Heng (Malaysia)
M31 - Marketing, Family Business, Human Resource Management
L83 - Sports; Gambling; Recreation; Tourism, M31 - Marketing
G15 - International Financial Markets, M21 - Business Economics, M31 - Marketing, Business Ethics
M31 - Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance
Riswan, Riswan (Indonesia)
M13 - Entrepreneurship, M31 - Marketing, Business Ethics
Ren, Monica (Australia)
M31 - Marketing, Business Administration
Meyer, Adri (South Africa)
M31 - Marketing, Strategic Management, Social Marketing, Financial Management
Machado, Ricardo (South Africa)
M31 - Marketing, Consumer Behavior
M21 - Business Economics, M31 - Marketing, Strategic Management
Gamage, Helan (Singapore)
M21 - Business Economics, M31 - Marketing, Business Administration
Erdis,Cindy (South Africa)
Ownership Structure, M31 - Marketing, Strategic Management
F02 - International Economic Order; Economic Integration: General, M31 - Marketing, Strategic Management
Cant, Michael Colin (South Africa)
M31 - Marketing, Business Ethics
Bhatti, Tariq (United Arab Emirates)
Earnings Management, M31 - Marketing
M31 - Marketing, Business Ethics, Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Economics
M31 - Marketing, Strategic Management, Leadership
M31 - Marketing, Business Ethics, Human Resource Management